Conference Food? Good Eats!

I just finished volunteering at an intellectual property symposium hosted locally. The days were long, but in exchange for my work, I got to sit in on many of the sessions. The organization that I was volunteering for also made sure I was fed at no extra cost to me. I essentially was participating in the same breakfasts and lunches provided to the participants, a perk which was a pleasant surprise (It also didn’t hurt that the venue hosting the symposium was run by Marriott; I ate pretty well 😉 ).

Chocolate Cake #1

This plate looks a little messy compared to some of the other pics you’ll see (since I was essentially gathering items through a cafeteria-style line. This was the tastiest and most tender flank steak I’ve run into in quite a long time.

Flank Steak, Potatoes, and Salad

I’m always a sucker for a moist chocolate cake…

Chocolate Cake #2

There was a luncheon and speaker the next day. With exception of a little bit of dryness in the cake, all three courses were quite yummy!

First course: Salad


Second course: Herbed chicken breast, new potatoes, and green beans


Dessert: Cake with chocolate frosting




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