State Fair…

Apologies for the hiatus… I was on vacation and had very limited computer access. Food posts from my travels will most certainly be forthcoming.

Shortly before Dan and I headed out of town, we went to the Maryland State Fair in Timonium, MD. Although both of us like amusement park rides, neither of us are really fans of fair rides. More often than not, we visit the vendor, craft, and competition booths, and we’ll also indulge in some of the fairground specialties (these really should only be eaten once-a-year). This year, we split a deep-fried Twinkie and an order of deep-fried Oreos.

Well… the deep-fried Twinkie looked like a corn dog… only wider and covered in powdered sugar…


And the Oreos? We weren’t quite sure to expect from them, but they sure looked good…


Let’s get a look inside of these bad boys, shall we…?

Both actually tasted a lot better than we thought they would. The Twinkie wasn’t overly sweet, as the twinkie was seemingly balanced out by that wall of batter (Oh, the creamy decadence)…


A couple of shots inside the Oreos…



Before our arteries clog by the mere sight of these morsels, let’s move on to some of the winners in the cake-decorating competition (No actual cake sampled. It might have been a lie anyway 😉 ).

This entry in the Children’s Cake competition was completely cute!


Ravens Fan… and saying it with fondant!


This one was really impressive because I was left wondering: “Was it cake or was it a basket?”


If we go next year, I guess we’ll see what cool stuff there is to behold…


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Thirty-something. INFP. Librarian. Brain Tumor Survivor. Hobbyist Singer. Amateur Photographer. Foodie. Craft Beer Fan. Unrepentant geek.

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  1. I always wonder how those things actually taste. Fondant kinda freaks me out.

    It looks like you can do a lot of cool stuff with cake design using fondant (If Ace of Cakes is any indication — I’ve heard Charm City does a buttercream layer underneath), but I’m also kind of iffy on its taste.

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