Don’t Try This At Home…

…unless you’re a World-Class Swimmer…

Sure, there were a few flubs in there, but this commercial parody was definitely one of the gems of SNL’s season premiere (The other ones were the Clinton/Palin sketch starting the show and weekend update)…

I love that Michael Phelps can poke fun at his Olympic-sized diet on national TV

I think the one thing that would have made it a bit funnier (though I don’t know if a lot of viewers would have gotten it) would be if it had included something to the effect of “….and if you call within the next hour, we’ll give you the Ryan Lochte Diet: I’m Lovin’ McDonald’s” absolutely free…”

Something from the “other” category for your amusement while I try to plan out my travel entries…

Note: Tried to get the NBC video to embed, but it was epic fail. Nothing on YouTube. Will keep trying… In the meantime, follow the link (“poke fun…”) to the video.


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