Chicago Trip Day 1: What!? No Deep Dish?

Over Labor Day Weekend, Dan and I were in Chicago for the wedding of a couple of our friends (Mazel Tov, Justin and Symi!). The next few posts will follow our culinary exploits that weekend. Well… all of them I remembered to take a shot of, anyway…

Chicago Skyline by Day

Edibles/potables after the jump…

Shortly after we arrived, we met up with a couple of our other friends for lunch near our hotels. We ended up at the Berghoff on West Adams Street. I think I could have ended up eating all bread if I wasn’t careful!

Bread "Basket" @ the Berghoff

Berghoff Bread "Basket" (closer in)

We all ended up ordering the same type of burger, though I forgot to get a shot of it. I definitely want to come back for the Wiener Schnitzel at some point…

Later that evening, the bride’s family hosted Shabbat Dinner at their loft. Since there were a lot of guests, it was a buffet-style dinner with plenty of good food.

Shabbat Dinner Plate

No Shabbat dinner ever seems to be complete without challah…

Got Challah?

As usual, Dan was playing with his food…

Gefilte Fish + Carrots = Smiley?

After Shabbat dinner, the groom’s party and a few guests (Yes… I was in the groom’s party) ventured out to Cooper’s for a few drinks. Coopers had a wonderful selection of beer…not nearly as many as DC’s Brickskeller, but definitely enough to keep a beer lover happy.

Dan and I tried out some of the flavored martinis first… Dan tried the cherry cheesecake flavored one…

"Cherry Cheesecake" Martini

Don’t hate on it because it’s pink. Hate it because it tasted nothing like cherry cheesecake. Cough medicine described the taste a bit more accurately.

Mine was the Thin Mint martini, whose taste emulated its namesake a bit more closely.

Thin Mint Martini

I also gave several beers a try: Victory’s Golden Monkey (flavorful, but weird…just some spices in there you do not expect to be in a beer), Delirium Tremens, and Delirium Nocturnum (let’s just say I liked the Deliriums *much* better).

The bachelor party was a pretty low key event… we were just chatting and drinking and having a good time. Thanks to this, day one in Chicago actually didn’t end until the wee hours of the morning (Wouldn’t that technically be day two?).

Toasting to Justin’s final days as a bachelor….

Celebrating at Cooper's

(to be continued)


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