Chicago Trip Day 3: Symi Tov and Justin Tov

Note: This will be a little out of order chronologically; I wanted to feature the wedding reception first…

Immediately after the wedding, I was still fairly sated from lunch (pictured after the jump), so I didn’t take in so many of the hors d’ouerves during cocktail hour. I definitely ended up having more than a few of the gazpacho shots gazpacho miniatures.

The reception dinner was served buffet-style with a number of stations featuring food from around the world (It’s not often one will eat goulash and sushi in the same sitting)! Unfortunately, the only shots I remembered to take from the main courses were not of the food at all… they were some of the decorative items on the table…

Tea Candles...

Flowers and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Within the centerpiece were chocolate-covered strawberries…Honestly… I had to resist eating the centerpiece!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

The wedding cake, other desserts and lunch from earlier in the day after the jump…

A shot of the wedding cake… Surrounded by buttercream frosting and beautiful strawberries…

Wedding Cake

The cake itself was chocolaty and moist. One downside to it though… I thought the tastes of strawberry and mint with the chocolate clashed (I love anything mint-chocolate flavored, and the same love goes for chocolate and strawberries. All three flavors at once …well… might have been a little too much for my taste).

Slice of Wedding Cake

Cake wasn’t the only dessert at the wedding… oh, no, no! We actually were had some choices… getting some fruit if we wanted … or making sundaes.

Of course I topped my sundae with chocolaty goodness!

More Dessert...

We also had some chocolate covered strawberries of our very own… without plundering the centerpieces!

Chocolaty and Strawberry Goodness

We will end this entry with lunch from earlier in the day… Before the nearlyweds became newlyweds….

Since the wedding and reception weren’t until the evening, breakfast and lunch were on our own. I didn’t have *all* the time in the world, though…. I had to meet the Grooms’ Party by 1 pm… and factor in enough time to dress, get made-up, walk in wedges, and ride on the El to my destination. For the sake of time and convenience earlier that day, we stopped by the restaurant attached to our hotel — an Elephant and Castle.

Yes… you have seen Fish and Chips before on this blog. I tend to try them at every new English/Irish pub I go to…

Fish and Chips @ Elephant and Castle #2

Next time I go to Elephant and Castle, though, I want the chicken sandwich that Dan had…

Chicken Sandwich @ Elephant and Castle

I found out not too long later that there was an E&C in DC. I definitely want to go back there at some point!


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