Chicago Trip Day 4: Got Newlyweds?

To cap off the wedding weekend, the bride’s family hosted a brunch/birthday party the morning after the wedding. It was one last opportunity to chat with some of our newfound friends and congratulate the newlyweds before we all went our separate ways.

Yummy Stuff for Brunch...

More after the jump…

Move over, Wheaties… Bagels and lox is (are?) the breakfast of champions!

Got Bagels?

Guess whose birthday it was…? 😉

Guess Whose Birthday It Is? ;)

Moist and chocolaty… just the way I like my cake!

Mmmmm... Chocolate...

I’m not sure if this had been cut into during the birthday brunch festivities. if I recall correctly, this was the top of the wedding cake… Save for a little unevenness on the frosting, it still looked good (though I wasn’t a fond of the flavor combination in the wedding cake itself).

Crown of the Wedding Cake

Before too long, we all had to make our way to the airport to places near and far. Dan would be heading home, and I would be heading to a family reunion in Orlando. It was a little hard to pull ourselves away, but for now, we had to bid the Windy City adieu…

Leaving the Windy City


Our hosts were were wonderful and Chicagoland was quite charming. Hopefully, we will return sooner rather than later.

And this time I will get my deep dish…


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