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OK, Lemmonex didn’t officially tag me to do the “seven things about myself” meme, but I thought this meme would be fun to do.  Since this is also a food blog, I’ll keep with the food-related theme.

Man… I’m limited to only 7? I’ll go with the 7 that come up to mind first.

1. Even though I have a lot of familiarity with many dishes in the Filipino culinary pantheon, I still need to learn to cook a lot of those dishes from scratch (most of my hangups right now center around time constraints). What I do know how to cook, however, I cook very well (leche flan, sinigang, and adobong manok/adobong baboy).*

2. If I had the opportunity, I would try balut. Only because I’d try anything once.

3. I eat my eggs with ketchup.  I feel no shame in this notion. It’s the closest thing to Jufran banana sauce there is in mainstream US grocery stores.

Wait, what? Amazon’s selling Jufran?!

4. During my time in Hawaii, I ate Spam and actually liked it… not too unlike a lot of my neighbors at the time.  I don’t miss it, though;  I’ve only had it once since returning stateside.

Once since 1986 isn’t a bad track record, no?

5. Thanks to having had Turkish roommates when first coming to the DC area, I’ve had Raki. Despite its potency, I will not touch it again since I loathe anything anise-flavored.

6. I still don’t quite get (what seems like) the Filipino obsession with potted meat.

7. I also really don’t get why I hate dried coconut (y’know… your usual grocery store fare…), yet love macapuno/young coconut.

Mental note: Don’t introduce Lemmonex to buko pie.

* I’d also like to try my hands at the German culinary pantheon….

Not tagging anyone. Follow the meme only if the spirit moves you. Happy Halloween, y’all!


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Thirty-something. INFP. Librarian. Brain Tumor Survivor. Hobbyist Singer. Amateur Photographer. Foodie. Craft Beer Fan. Unrepentant geek.

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  1. Potted meat is pretty damn gross–I don’t get why anyone would eat it unless starving.

    The only thing I can think of is… Many Filipino ex-pats will send large care packages back to the RP. Since Spam, canned corned beef, and the like is fairly inexpensive and can keep over long distances, it gets sent there en masse.

    But then it comes to a chicken-or-egg-proposition… Why do many Stateside Pinoys like it themselves? *scratches head*

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