A PSA For Those Voting Tomorrow…

Krispy Kreme Donuts....

Who knew doing your civic duty would turn out so deliciously? It looks like several chains are offering free eats/drinks tomorrow just for having voted…

In alphabetical order…

Ben And Jerry’s: Free scoop of ice cream from 5-8 PM.

Chik-Fil-A: Must trade “I voted” sticker for free sandwich. Note: This one I’ve seen around the internets, but I’m under the impression it’s up to each store as to whether or not they’re participating. If your locality’s not listed here, call and confirm before you go.

Edit 1:58pm, 11-4 (hat tip: Sean): California Tortilla: Free taco coupon with “I voted” sticker. Delayed gratification, but gratification nonetheless. 🙂

Krispy Kreme: Free star-shaped donut to customers wearing an “I voted” sticker.

Starbucks: Tell a barista you voted and receive a free tall coffee.

So go out there and vote, and while you’re at it… eat…! 😉

Close Up


About A. Random Hapa

Thirty-something. INFP. Librarian. Brain Tumor Survivor. Hobbyist Singer. Amateur Photographer. Foodie. Craft Beer Fan. Unrepentant geek.

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  1. Now *that’s* news you can use! Thanks!

    Not a problem. 🙂 In my case that Starbucks will come in reeeeealy handy tomorrow. *Staring at the barrel of a really long day*.

  2. Excellent and useful post. In addition, if you show your I Voted sticker to California Tortilla today, they will give you a free taco coupon.

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip, Sean!

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