East and Southeast…

A while ago, my brother and sister in law sent me some wonderful shots taken while they were visiting in Asia in April. The first group of shots were from a cooking class that the two of them took in Bali, where they made a number of dishes: banana fritters, steamed chicken in banana leaves, gado-gado, tofu and miso, and corn fritters.

My sister in law notes that Balinese cooking generally has a bit of a kick to it. Their secret ingredient… little red chilies! (as you’ll see see in some of the dishes in this set).

Pictured below is the dish least likely to contain those little red chilies :  Banana Fritters.

Banana Fritters

They were very sweet and the batter tasted almost like pancake batter,  according to my sister in-law. My brother noted that the bananas tasted like small plantains.  Next pictured, steamed chicken in banana leaves. You can definitely see the flecks of red in the dish.

Steamed Chicken in Banana Leaves

Next pictured: Gado-gado. For those of you unfamiliar with the dish, Gado-gado consists of blanched vegetables mixed in peanut sauce.


Next pictured: Tofu with miso. The chilies are a little harder to see, but they’re there…

Tofu with Miso

And last but not least (of the Bali group), corn fritters.

Corn Fritters

The final two shots were taken while my brother and sister in law were visiting Japan. First up,  some *real* ramen:

Ramen... Real Ramen

Not that über-salty, fried-noodle, plastic-wrapped stuff you find at your local grocer, for sure! OK, to be fair, that stuff was fine while I was a poor college student, but my tastes have grown up just a little.

…or have they? I digress.

Finally, some colorful bowls full of sashimi and rice. Looks like we might have some maguro…or maybe toro (tuna) and sake (salmon… not to be confused with the drink) topped by tamago (sweet egg)…

Sashimi Over Rice

All in all:  niiiiice presentation!

I’ll end this post with a little programming note:  Resolving to post at least once a week…more if I have time. Hoping I’m able to keep up with that once the semester starts. Sorry for taking such a long hiatus, all.


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