Slayin’ Flay…

I know not too long ago, I told Dan that Bobby Flay was probably the only male Food Network star I didn’t like…

When I actually stop to think about it more, dislike is a little too strong regarding Bobby; ambivalence is more like it. It looked like for a while he was nothing more than a one-trick pony. During his “Boy Meets Grill” days, he came across as way too cocky and grating. Thinking back on him jumping on the cutting board/counter top at the end of his Iron Chef (Original Japanese) match with Masiharu Morimoto….well… it reminded me way too much of Tom Cruise jumping on the couch on Oprah (even though the Oprah incident happened waaaaay after that IC matchup). It’s also that degree of overexposure, I think (but to be fair, I think you can say that about most if not all Food Network stars).

I think he’s matured/mellowed a little on-screen since the beginning of the Food Network.; he also has demonstrated masterful cooking skill over the years. I have actually heard that he’s a total sweetheart in person; would definitely like to see if that’s true at some point… I actually enjoy his matches on Iron Chef America, and I actually like to see Throwdown when I can get it (I don’t have cable). It is fun on both counts to see if “Davids” can slay the proverbial Goliath.

Yes… this is getting somewhere… 😉

Back in June, Dan and I visited our friend DanGo in Richmond. One of our stops was Buz and Neds, a little old place right by a car wash… When we arrived on a hot Saturday evening, the place was packed… so much so that we had to hover near tables to try to get seats. By the time we got our seats and got our orders, there were some empties, but there were also a long line of people getting ready to fill them again…

So it is on a Saturday Night at Buz and Ned’s.

Saturday Evening @ Buz and Ned's

…and why? For some off the hook barbecue! Yeah, yeah…I’m channeling Guy Fieri.

The 'Cue that Slayed Flay...

A closer look at these beauties…

The 'Cue that Slayed Flay (closeup)

The ribs? Deeee-lish! Complete with a tangy and sweet sauce, a nice crust, and tender meat… you can only get those shades of pink with just the right amount of smoke. Soooo worth the wait.

And the bonus? These racks beat Flay in a Throwdown. 🙂


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  1. I too have never been a huge fan of Bobby Flay, even to this day. I still watch him, but he’s one of my least favorite chefs on Food Network.

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