Last Sunday, Dan and I went with a couple friends on a day trip to Ocean City, MD. Most of the morning and early afternoon was spent on the beach: soaking up rays, playing and swimming in the ocean, and just relaxing on the sand.

As with almost any beach town*, there’s bound to be a place with a suggestive name (or even several places). For example, while Ocean City, MD doesn’t have a Dirty Dick’s Crab House, there’s Booty’s:

Booty's House of Crabs (Sign)

Did they get crabs while making that Booty’s call?

Big Pecker’s
was a restaurant that we passed by a lot on previous trips to Ocean City. It was just too hard to resist this go around, so we stopped by there for an early dinner.

Big Pecker's Drink Menu

Apparently, we came in early enough to take advantage of happy hour prices (and a less-crowded restaurant). One friend’s beer was only $2.50, while my Guinness was $3.50. Sweeeeeet!

Guinness Head...

You can’t say they discriminate…there’s a menu for Little Peckers, too!

Little Pecker's Menu

…and a Little Pecker’s Porch!

Little Pecker's Porch

A bit more seriously, this place is fairly family-friendly… suggestive name or no suggestive name. Even at a less-crowded time we saw several families seated inside, enjoying the food. Several others were enjoying the outdoor bench-swings on the porch.

As a first course, our group split an appetizer of batter-fried vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower, and mushrooms). We so did not expect this much food to come… more than enough for four.

Fried Vegetables

JD: “Fried vegetables…doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose of eating your veggies?”
Sabine: “Oh, but they’re ohhhhh so good…”

The only minus was that it was a little hard to distinguish between the cauliflower and mushrooms by just looking at them…

JD got a buffalo chicken salad (unfortunately, not pictured), while the rest of us got various burgers. Mine was a fine 1/2 pound specimen of moo-cow called the “OH my Bacon Back Burger”. It was cooked to perfection and topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo…so juicy that I had to perform a modified version of “the (Philly Cheese Steak) Hunch” (yep… also a Guy Fieri-ism) to make sure juices didn’t fall on my shirt.

OH My Bacon Back Burger (with Fries)

OH, sweet indulgence…

All in all, our food came out quickly, and the service more than decent (a little slow after we paid… took us a while to get boxes). We were glad that we came in when we did, though…As soon as we headed out the door, the lines heading into the bar and grill looked much longer.

There was much more Ocean City to see after dinner… a park overlooking marshland close to the bay, and the OC Boardwalk. We had plenty of food to last us into the night and through the ride home…

* OK, so maybe Virginia Beach might be an exception given that they have decency ordinances… like a no-swearing ordinance (these funny signs remind visitors of that).


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