Scenes from a Terrapin Tailgate

A Fall Saturday means College Football in many places…including the DC area. With the games come plenty of tailgating…a great opportunity to enjoy good food, drink, and company before (or after) football games. It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate or vent… depending on how well the team is doing.

Our alma mater, Maryland*, isn’t doing so hot this year, but that doesn’t stop many of the Terrapin Faithful (and we among them) from supporting the team in whatever way we can.

Dan and I were invited to tag along with a couple of our friends after the UMD-Clemson game a few weeks ago (a noon game). Before the jump will be a few shots to set the scene…

Below, a view from under one of the tents:

Seeing Quadruple?
Am I seeing quadruple, or was it something I ate/drank?

Up the hill were another group of Terrapin fans tailgating…

Another Group of Tailgaters

Thanks to a group member, there was a flatscreen set up so we can see other games. Georgia-LSU was on at the time of this shot.

UGA- LSU on the Flatscreen...

With this group, there’s generally a contest to see who can make the best dish within a certain theme. This game’s theme was seafood. Since I have a lot of food shots this time, they’ll be behind the jump.

What’s a tailgate in Maryland…seafood-themed or otherwise… without crabcakes? Here’s a group of them starting the grilling process on the flattop:

Crabcakes on the Flattop

Phil (pictured below) was good at letting me take shots of the crabcakes from start of grilling to the finish…

Phil…and the flip!

Here are the crabcakes… browned on one side.

Crabcakes: Browned on One Side

Below, a finished batch ready to eat!

Finished Crabcakes.... Nom!

There were several items that were deep-fried, but we needed to make sure the oil wasn’t too hot… Look out!

Look Out...Oil Splattering!
I think I’m keeping my distance, for now…

Here’s one of the fried items, a buffalo-flavored (crab?) ball…

Fried Buffalo "Wing" Flavored Balls

There was also fried mac-and-cheese with crab inside…

Fried Mac and Cheese w/Crab (closer)

A closer look reveals the crab…

Crab Inside... (Fried Mac and Cheese)

We also had crab dip…

Creamy Crab Dip
I took this shot while it was piping hot…. It was still bubbling, in fact…

Not everything there was crab-based though. One in the group made some bacon-wrapped shrimp and veggie skewers. Here’s a group on the grill:

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Skewers

A closer look at one of the skewers…

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Skewer
Mmmmmm… Bacon-wrapped shrimp….

I wasn’t able to try any of this, but there was clam chowder to be had, too…

Peppery Clam Chowder

Last, some healthier (non-seafood) things…

Apple Slices
Nothing says Autumn like apples and caramel (latter not pictured)…

…and a veggie platter…

Veggie Platter
Hey… it’s all about balance! 😉

Many in this group, like one of the friends who invited us, are alumni of the Mighty Sound of Maryland (yay for fellow band nerds!). Thanks to everyone for letting us tag along, and letting me take photos.

We didn’t make it to Homecoming’s gathering (Dan was still a little under the weather… wasn’t best to subject him to the rainy and cold weather), but we will be joining this group again for the Boston College Game in November. There will be a chili cookoff, and we’ll be bringing some beer and chili along. Naturally, there will also be plenty of pics from me, so stay tuned!

* Dan, c/o ’04 (Undergraduate). I, c/o ’10 (Graduate School).


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  1. Bacon wrapped shrimp??

    You had me at “ba-“.

    I think we’ll agree…Bacon makes (almost) everything better! 🙂

  2. I think we’ll agree…Bacon makes (almost) everything better! 🙂

    Even this blog!

    I’ve already done “…Shot the Bacon” (mmmmm… Bacon) 😉

  3. The pictures all disappeared! Just the link to my crab dip is left

    Hmmm… Weird. Let me give you a call. Working OK on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari (plus Dan’s Firefox browser on Linux), but things are as you described on IE (have multiple browsers/view on IE/Safari plugins for website testing purposes).

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