Sinangag (aka Garlic Fried Rice)

Sinangag (not to be confused with sinigang) is essentially the Filipino version of fried rice. Often served with breakfast (though good any time of day!), you often find little else but garlic, rice and sometimes margarine/butter, egg. Sometimes you’ll find other mix-ins like hot dogs and abobo (I’ve made batches with leftover chicken adobo before). It’s a wonderful way to use leftovers, no matter how you mix it up…

Growing up, I knew this dish as “eggs and rice”, though it’s pretty likely my maternal grandmother just made a version of this with soy sauce added into the mix. It’s also the one of the few recipes I’ve internalized well enough to just eyeball everything. If you need a roadmap (like I do many times), though, fellow Filipina food blogger Bread + Butter has a version very close to what I make normally (below).

Garlic Fried Rice (from Jenn @ Bread + Butter)

  • 1 Large garlic clove (sliced or minced)  – I’m a mincer myself…
  • 3 c Cooked Rice (rough estimate)
  • 2-3 Tbs Margarine
  • 1 Tbs Oil (vegetable, olive or canola)
  • Salt to season
  • 1 egg (beaten – optional)

Heat the oil in a large pan, pot or wok. Cook the garlic until they start to turn brown, then add in the rice. Toss constantly for a couple of minutes, then season with a little salt and add the margarine. Again tossing constantly

When the margarine has dissolved into the rice you can add the optional egg. Again toss for another minute or so or until egg is cooked, then serve.

We usually have brown rice at home, unless we’ve had takeout…

Brown Rice in Bowl

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention and burned my first batch of garlic. Here’s the second batch getting ready to turn brown in the wok:

Minced Garlic Beginning to Brown
Note: I took a shot of the burnt batch, and placed it on the blooper reel… Next time, I’ll brown the garlic a little more than I did. I was afraid of burning the garlic again.

I didn’t take any more shots until the dish was done, since I constantly moved the mix around in the wok. (Can’t stop, rice will burn… Can’t stop, rice will burn). Several shots of the finished product below:

In the bowl:

Garlic Fried Rice (in bowl)

A little closer:

Garlic Fried Rice (Closer)

..and with some of the Adobong Manok (chicken adobo) I made this past weekend.

Adobong Manok w/Garlic Fried Rice #2

Yep… I went on a bit of a cooking spree during DC’s two snopocalypses (Dan and I were fortunate; we still had power both times). I baked banana bread during the first snowstorm, and made adobo and sinangag the past few days. I guess that’s how I tend to try to stave off cabin fever…

I return to work tomorrow while another snowstorm looms… Let’s hope my neighborhood doesn’t look like this on Wednesday:

Ceci n'est pas un banc...

PS – Fellow local (and Filipina) food blogger I Flip for Food (@I_Flip_For_Food), sent a link to this recipe (from Smitten Kitchen) via twitter earlier today. Definitely want to try this fried rice variation sometime…


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