Theme and Variation…

For a party Labor Day weekend, I made bistek again, wondering how the Burnt Lumpia version would turn out if I put in thin strips of red bell pepper (as well as the usual recipe components), like mom does. It turned out pretty well.

Bistek with Red Bell Pepper

Lesson learned though: if bringing bistek to a party, do not bring less than a double-batch. The single-batch I brought was gone (or very close to it) before the last guests came in…

Other dishes from that party behind the jump:

One of my fellow partygoers brought a traditional warm German Potato Salad. The thing I love about German Potato salad is it generally isn’t doused in a load of mayo. Not for health reasons… after all, I think there was plenty of bacon fat in there. I just don’t like my food drowning in mayo.

Kartoffelsalat mit Speck

Not only was it colorful, it had plenty of bacon! Don’t get me wrong… I like the mustard-dill based cold German potato salad, but I like my bacon, too…

Kartoffelsalat mit Speck (closer)

The Answer Guy not only hosted but made a pasta salad… his version of the dish ever-evolving, but very tasty…

Tim's Pasta Salad...

*Really* popular was a white chocolate-lemon cake that another party guest brought. Here’s a shot of the frosted cake (The cake is not a lie!).

White Chocolate Lemon Cake...

…and a shot of the cake after a few of us took slices (Om nom nom nom….).

Inside the White Chocolate Lemon Cake

Normally, I steer away from lemon-flavored desserts, but I, like the other party guests, really liked this cake.

There was also an (I think) Oreo cake, as well as items cooked on Answer Guy’s grill, but I didn’t get a shot of them (Alas…). Sometimes I get so busy eating and enjoying that I forget to take a shot (or two).


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