From the Photo Archive: Not Smothered, Not Covered…

…and likely not chunked  (If you don’t know what I mean, click here. 😉 ) !

Those aren’t hash browns you’re looking at either.They’re photos of latkes (sweet potato, more specifically) from a few years ago.

Traditionally made during Hanukkah (which started tonight), they can be smothered or covered in applesauce and/or sour cream…just not the Waffle House sense of smothering and covering.

Sweet Potato Latkes

So why are they traditionally made during this eight-night Jewish holiday? Foods cooked in oil are commonly prepared during Hanukkah, as such foods signify a miracle that purportedly happened during the 2nd century B.C. The temple of Jerusalem was down to a day’s worth of oil at the time of its rededication, but the lamps were lit nonetheless. To everyone’s surprise, the lamps burned for eight days; this miracle is also commemorated in the holiday’s eight day/night duration.

While I do not have a recipe for the latkes pictured here, Dan will be making more latkes on Friday. Will repost with a step-by-step recipe (hopefully) sometime after. In the meantime, a couple of close-up shots of the sweet potato batch from a few years ago:

Sweet Potato Latke (Closeup) #1

Sweet Potato Latke (Closeup) #2

To those who celebrate, have a wonderful Hanukkah! Don’t get too crazy these “eight crazy nights”, eh?

…Well, unless you’re Adam Sandler.

Disclaimer: No… I’m not Jewish. Plenty of friends and family (and soon-to-be family) are, though.


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  1. i used to make this for an elderly lady that i worked with. i still make them but i use the boxed ones from the grocery store.

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