Girls Just Wanna Have (Chow) Fun…

Close to the beginning of last month, Kechara, a few of our closest gal pals, and I set out on a quest: to find accessories for the outfit that I will be wearing for my upcoming wedding. Before we did that, we met up for dinner at Hollywood East Cafe in Wheaton, MD, a place I had not tried before.

On the Menu Cover...

I knew Hollywood East to serve dim sum on weekends, an experience in which many of us will soon take part. It was relatively quiet that Friday evening. Several large families were present, though, including some Chinese/Chinese-American ones (which I generally see as a good sign for a Chinese restaurant).

As there are more than a few shots taken from dinner that night, I’ve placed them behind a jump…

There was plenty of jasmine tea to go around.

Jasmine Tea...

LeahGeek had some of the crab wontons. I like how they look a little like folded origami… only out of fried wonton wrapper. A sweet and sour sauce would accompany the appetizer.

Crab Wontons

The crab wontons a little bit closer… Hot and crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside.

Crab Wontons (closer)

I ordered the crab and shrimp balls; I was surprised how many there were! Admittedly I forgot to ask if they were steamed or fried.

Crab Shrimp Balls

They were piping hot… fresh out of the frier, and accompanied by the same sweet and sour sauce as the wontons. Here they are a little bit closer…

Crab Shrimp Balls (closer)

What’s a meal at a Chinese restaurant without some rice?

Bowl of White Rice

Our entrees came, and the portions were generous…enough for all of us to share and then some! LeahGeek had the Crispy Beef Strips… a veritable combination of sweet and crispy with a hint of spice. If I recall correctly, I heard the dish described as ‘meat candy.’

Crispy Shredded Beef

Moonshoes had the Kung Pao shrimp. It looked good, but I don’t remember having tried it unfortunately.

Kung Pao Shrimp

SPFfy had the Lemongrass Chicken…savory with a hint of sweet (unless my memory fails me, which is possible).

Lemongrass Chicken

Kechara had the Orange Beef, but with the spice greatly reduced…more meat candy!

Orange Beef

My dish was the Beef Chow Fun with Chinese Broccoli. I did not expect mushrooms to be there, but I like mushrooms, so they were an added plus. I loved the savoriness of the dish as well as the crunch of the Chinese Broccoli.

Beef and Chinese Broccoli Chow Fun

Ultimately, there was much fun had and lots of food to take home. The fun continued after dinner; I found a good pair of shoes, a headband, and a clutch that night with everyone’s help. Some of our merry band also found good accessories for the outfits they would be wearing at the wedding.

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