DC Restaurant Week (August 2011): Oyamel

Oyamel Entrance

This week’s DC’s Summer Restaurant Week, a week where one can enjoy a prix-fixe multi-course lunch or dinner at over 200 DC area restaurants. Dork, Gungy, DanGr (possibly), and I will be heading over to Chef Geoff’s Downtown on Wednesday evening.

Until I get those shots up, let me share the shots from last year’s RW outing at Jose AndresOyamel.

For the life of me, I cannot remember why Moonshoes, Dork, and I had a long wait that night (only that my feet hurt a lot by the time we sat down. I was trying to break in my wedding heels). I also cannot remember every single detail one year later (e.g. who had what, certain taste elements) only that the meal was top notch and well worth our wait.

Thankfully, I tagged and labeled my photos from this meal, which will help me a lot with this post.

Here’s a shot of their drink menu. Loved the carved butterflies.

Drink Menu

Since I took a lot of photos that night, though, they will be behind a jump.

I’ll say this right out: the dish presentation was superb, which you’ll see you as keep scrolling though the shots. Here’s a shot of our “bread basket”: freshly fried tortilla chips.

Freshly Fried Tortilla Chips

They were accompanied by a flavorful fresh salsa. It had a kick for sure, but I don’t remember it being so spicy that it would have turned me away.

Fresh Salsa

One of us had Ceviche Verde “El Bajio” for our appetizer course (Dork?). The ceviche was made with wahoo fish, avocado, jalapeno, tomatilo, and green olives.

Ceviche verde “El Bajio”

I think Moonshoes had Gaspacho Estilo Morelia, a salad containing mango, jicama root, queso fresco, radish, sour orange, and possibly cucumber.

"Gaspacho" estilo Morelia

I had Ensalada de chayote, a Mexican squash salad in a hibiscus dressing.  The salad was topped with peanuts and queso fresco.

Ensalada de chayote #2

I love the foam that Moonshoes and Dork had on their margaritas. It was definitely a change of pace from the salt on the rim standby.


Pomegranite Margarita

I stuck with a <tongueincheek>relatively boring</tongueincheek> pinot noir.

Glass of Pinot Noir

Here’s where my memory of who had what fades a little bit. Below are a few shots of our taco course. One was Lengua Guisada: braised beef tongue in a sauce of roasted pastilla chile, tomatoes, onion, and garlic. The taco was topped with radish strips . The second was Carnitas con salsa de tomatillo: confit of baby pig served with tomatillo sauce, pork rinds, onion, and cilantro.

Two Tacoes (Vertical View)

Below is the Taco de hongos: wild mushrooms sauteed with shallots and garlic served atop guacamole. I’d imagine this would be something I’d order since I like both mushrooms and guacamole quite a bit, but my year-old memory could be off.

Tacos de hongos

Here are the shots for the second appetizer course. Below is a shot of the Sopa Tarasca estilo pátzcuaro, a black bean soup with light cream and aged cotija cheese. I think this was one of mine, and I think I had taken a shot of the soup after I had placed tortilla strips atop it.

Sopa Tarasca estilo pátzcuaro (with fried tortilla strips)

The other accompaniments: a grilled chile and avocado in addition to the stips.

Accompaniments for the Sopa Tarasca...

And last among our smaller bites were Nopalitos, a salad of baby cactus and tomato tossed in a lime dressing.


Dork and I had Costilla de res con salsa verde as our main course. The dish was a braised short rib served atop a sauce made with parsley, cilantro, and garlic.

Costilla de res con salsa verde

I took a shot inside my short rib. So melty and tender.

Inside the Short Rib

Moonshoes had Camarónes a la plancha con salsa negra: grilled shrimp marinaded in chipotle pepper, garlic and piloncillo sugar and served atop a green herb sauce.

Camarónes a la plancha con salsa negra

And finally, we get to dessert. Dork and I had flan. It was accompanied with a citrus-pineapple foam and (I think) some caramel.

Flan with Pineapple and Citrus Foam

The flan a little closer…  I love the edible flower touch in the presentation.

Flan (closer up)


Moonshoes had Nieve de Margarita de Bayas con Coco, a tequila sorbet with strawberries, raspberries, and coconut foam.

Nieve de Margarita de Bayas con Coco

Why yes, I said tequila sorbet.

While Oyamel didn’t offer their entire menu for restaurant week last year, they also offered an extra course of soft tacos and possibly a second appetizer course, as you saw above. They also tend to extend restaurant week offers to the week following official restaurant week…really cool in my book. If you’re heading to Oyamel the next two weeks and are partaking of the Restaurant Week menu, you’re definitely in for a treat, even if  they change up what they offer this year.

Wherever you go, though, I hope you enjoy your experience!


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