Double the Dim Sum (Part 1)


If you have read this blog in the past you probably know that the Hapa and some of her friends are no strangers to Hollywood East Cafe in Wheaton, MD. You’ll also know they are no strangers to dim sum. If you are new to the blog, though I’ve linked to my previous posts here and here.

By the way… if you are new to the blog, welcome!

The next two posts feature shots from two different Dim Sum lunches there.  One was part of my bridal shower last year. We also celebrated Pop Culture, P.I.’s birthday there a couple of Sundays ago.

Fair warning: I’m including many of the shots from both events — over 30 shots worth — so these will be among my longer posts. Naturally, most shots will be behind a jump. I also may have forgotten what some of the offerings from last year, but I’m also going to take my best guess as to what they are.

Some char siu bao and duck meat dumplings below:


Char siu bau a little closer in…


And inside… a rich pork filling.


Lo mai gai: Sticky rice with pieces of pork and Chinese sausage all wrapped in a lotus leaf.


Now I’ve heard that one either loves or hates that dish. I am one of the few in between, actually.

Next, rice noodle rolls full of shrimp.


They were (as Vivian in Pretty Woman would say) “slippery little suckers.”

Golden, crispy, spring rolls next…


Several fried tofu skin rolls. I’ve forgotten what was inside since it’s been more than a year since I’ve had these.


I think these are fried rice noodle rolls, but I’m not exactly sure  (since this shot was also taken over a year ago).


Below, some cha siu sou: The same savory pork filling find in char siu bau, but in a very flaky crust.


Taro fritters: crispy and tasty…


Pork short ribs in black bean sauce…


Steamed shrmp dumplings (har gau) below…



Various types of chiu-chao fan guo below. This one’s for the meat eaters.


And a vegetarian version with spinach and peanuts…


These scallop and chive dumplings looked like little sailors’ hats.


…and finally some chinese broccoli with oyster sauce. We have to get some more greens in there!


We’re not done yet…Hope you saved room for dessert (as well as some of the items not on your general dim sum guides)! These will be coming up in the the next post.


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