A Night of Serendipitous Eats

My sister was in town earlier this week for a meeting, so we met up with her for dinner after work. Little did we know we’d be treated to a number of good deals that night.

We were wandering about the mall and caught sight of a sign stating that Haagen Dazs’s free cone day was that night. All three of us decided to have dessert first.

Below is my Cappucino Gelato. DanGr and my sister but went for Dulce De Leche ice cream, but I didn’t get a shot of their scoops.

Scoop of Cappucino Gelato

We then headed to a restaurant I wanted to try, Harry’s Smokehouse Burgers and BBQ, formerly a Ruby Tuesday.  Our waitress let us know that we came in on the trail end of their happy hour, which meant if we ordered soon, we would get half off appetizers and draft beers.

Score another one for our merry band! We went for some appetizers, and I went for a Doninion Oak Barrel Stout. We all tried a little of each appetizer.

My sister got the sliders. As well as being pretty tasty, I liked the presentation on these.

Three Sliders

DanGr got the Smoked Chipotle Wings. Personally, they weren’t up my alley, since I like my spicy wings with a bit of sweet.

Smoked Chipotle Wings

The cornbread coating of the pickle chips was delightfully crispy without being greasy or heavy. DanGr thought they were too peppery, but I was OK with the pepper level (my palate’s become more black pepper tolerant, I guess). I dipped some in my ranch dressing, but not often since they were yummy on their own.

Deep-Fried Pickle Chips

Eat your heart out, Rachael Ray’s 40 Dollars a Day; one of these days, I’ll be back at Harry’s for some fried chicken. 😉


About A. Random Hapa

Thirty-something. INFP. Librarian. Brain Tumor Survivor. Hobbyist Singer. Amateur Photographer. Foodie. Craft Beer Fan. Unrepentant geek.

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