“Who Am I? Why Am I Here?”

Confuzzled cookie is confuzzled…

a.k.a … A Fine Fine Line part two.

A couple of people passed along Food Asshole’s Dilemma yesterday; hat tips go out to my friend Blair and @casaveneracion for passing the post along. Suffice it to say, I got a good belly laugh out of it, and I’d really love to see the book. 😉

Seeing this post and Floreakeats’ subsequent post revival still raised a bunch of questions in my mind last night, mostly because I’m still a padwan in this adventure we call food fandom.

  • Was ‘foodie’ ever a positive term?
  • When did ‘foodie’ get co-opted by the food snobs/food assholes of the world, if it did? I have a different feeling about the term (as likely shown in “…A Fine Fine Line”), but I easily may be conflating things.
  • Should we food enthusiasts/geeks try to take it back?
  • What should we call ourselves instead? – Personally, I’d reserve gastronome for someone like Floreakeats, who has a bit more related formal education than this home cook and shutterbug Hapa does, but that’s just my gut talking.
  • Should I just go ‘Eh, it’s just a label’ and enjoy the ride?

Not earth-shattering thoughts and questions in the grand scheme of things, I know. I probably should take a cue from many academic article findings sections I’ve seen; “We still need to perform more research on this topic.”  I’d still like to see what y’all think, though.

Postscript: Personally, I feel I’m here to share my love of food and photography. Yes. I’m slack with my updates. I am definitely an amateur on both counts, and by no means do I consider myself a pro. I still have plenty to learn about both, and heaven forbid that I stop learning. I do this for the fun of it. If you don’t like what I do, you are more than free to mosey on down to another blog. To each his/her own.

Yes, even as a Hapa, I jokingly embrace the Asian stereotype of being an obsessive photographer — especially of food. I’m still half-Asian, after all. 

Edit: Come to think of it, I don’t really do selfies. Don’t worry, I’m not about to start doing so.


About A. Random Hapa

Thirty-something. INFP. Librarian. Brain Tumor Survivor. Hobbyist Singer. Amateur Photographer. Foodie. Craft Beer Fan. Unrepentant geek.

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