She might not be the blue elf, but she does eat and shoot…

About “Hapa…Shot the Food”:

“…shot the food” is a blog focused on food photography. You may, however, see posts referring to non-edibles now and then.

View this blog on an empty stomach at your own peril…

Who’s behind the blog?

I’m a thirty-something librarian who loves to cook, eat, and take pictures. Thanks to being a Navy brat growing up, it feels like I’ve been almost everywhere! I currently reside in the DC ‘burbs.

Why the title?

…because I’m an unrepentant nerd. 😉 The “shot the food” reference is a shoutout to the “Gauntlet” series of games, and the subtitle is a nod to a song title from the musical “Avenue Q“.

What is a hapa?

“Hapa is Hawaiian slang for someone whose mixed racial heritage includes Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry” – Donna Seaman, ALA

I identify with this term not only because I am of mixed Filipino/Caucasian ancestry, but also as a former resident of Hawaii. It’s a part of who I am… a part I’ve fully embraced.

What equipment do you use?

Generally, just my Canon PowerShot SX260 HS (with iPhone photos appearing every now and then). I’ll sometimes use GIMP or Picasa to touch things up a little. Older shots were taken with a Canon PowerShot A3100IS, Canon PowerShot A570IS or a Canon PowerShot A520 (with liberal use of the macro settings).

Can I see some of your other photos?

Sure…just follow the Flickr Tab at the top of the blog! You can also see the five most recent pictures I’ve uploaded on the right sidebar, and check out my photosets from there.

Can I use your photos?

All of my photos are Creative Commons licensed: generally BY-NC (attribution, noncommercial), but I’ve allowed occasional commercial use on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me by commenting or through the contact page. Either way… I’d love to know how my pictures are being used…

What about your blog?

Under the same CC licensing terms as the photos. When in doubt, contact me!

  1. My name is Jessica Shelton and I work on casting for the eco-friendly cooking series Emeril Green. Currently we are seeking new ways to reach out to people who may be perfect guests for our show. In case you are unfamiliar with our series the basic premise is that the average home cook gets a cooking dilemma solved for them by Chef Emeril Lagasse with a green spin (for instance – how do I cook mushrooms? or what do I do with all my fresh herbs?). As I looking for new ways to spread the word I came across your blog and thought that appearing on Emeril Green might be something that your readers (and possibly you) might be interested in. If this does sound like something you’d like to know more about please email me and I can give you more details. If not, sorry to have bothered you,


  2. I am writing to ask for your permission to include your posts on
    DCguide.com and include a link to your blog in our directory. We would
    include a link back to your blog fully crediting you for your work
    along with a profile about you listed on DCguide.com . Please let us
    know as soon as possible.


    Mike Thomas

    Thanks for visiting, Mike! You should have a message in your inbox — ~ARH~

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