With me not knowing how to deal with low light at the time, and not knowing what flash does to your food shots, this pic was literally, a flash in the pan.

Matt's Ribs
Aaah… my eyes!

Mental note: flashing your food will generally not end well.

You! Mind out of the gutter!

This one’s here not because of a bad shot, but because of serving/presentation. While the Chianti sauce was yummy in this Olive Garden Dish, my food was swimming in it. No technique or editing will make this shot any prettier…

Did I Really Order Soup?
Did I really order soup?

Looked great in its’ prime, but below is what happens when you leave queso out overnight…
It’s so hardened, it’s criminal…

Here’s what I get when I don’t pay attention… Burnt garlic doesn’t look, taste, or smell good…

(Oops!) Burnt Garlic...
Removed with the canola oil it was originally in. I restarted with new cloves and new oil.

More to come… Or not. 😉


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