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DC Food Truck Update: A Done Deal?


When we last left our intrepid food trucks, a hearing over the proposed regulations were taking place. Council ended up approving many of the regulations (mostly the ones involved with health and safety), while empowering themselves to separate the most contentious parts out and work on tweaking them (source: dcist).

Ultimately, a lottery is still in place, with a 200 foot radius around each food bending zone instead of 500 feet as originally proposed. Those trucks outside the radius may park as long as they feed their meters and have six feet of unobstructed sidewalk space. A meter does not count against the six feet. The Food Truck Association of Metro Washington seems satisfied, and I haven’t heard any wailing from the Restaurant Association of Metro Washington. The regulations passed a few days ago and await Mayor Gray’s signature.

I’m glad that this fight seems to be over after…what…96 days? I still find myself mentally performing the Spock eyebrow raise.

Yes… That one.

It may be a case where both parties realized that no one would be 100% happy, but other than to give food trucks their own set of regulations for the sake of giving food trucks their own set of regulations, I didn’t really see the purpose of this longtime exercise in the first place. Food trucks and restaurants seemed to coexist fairly well in the District. Matt Yglesias expresses his own of set of reservations.

Maybe I just don’t know.

Will we have that thriving street food culture? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what ultimately happens once the new regulations are implemented.


Today’s the Day: An Update

Wonky Enough For You?
We miss you, Eat Wonky!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE, 8:30 pm:  The hearings are complete, and council has up to June 22 to vote the regulations up or down. DCist has a good recap of today’s events, as does Washington City Paper’s Young and Hungry Blog.

As I post this, the DC Food Truck Regulatory Hearing is heading into its fourth hour. You can listen to the hearing here. Also check out the #savedcfoodtrucks hashtag on Twitter. @DMVFTA and @timcarman are livetweeting the proceedings.

*fingers crossed* I’m hoping these guys and gals will be permitted to keep on (food) truckin’…