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What a Concept…

I tried making the roasted chickpeas again a couple of weeks later in late October. This time, I baked them ~10 minutes (maybe 15) longer than stated on the recipe. They turned out crunchier and kept their crunch days later. 🙂

Crunchier Roasted Chickpeas!


Eat Your Veggies: Adobong Gulay…The Second Time Around

Made Adobong Gulay again for a Fourth of July party one of my friends was throwing… As promised in my first blog about making Veggie Adobo, I made some tweaks. This time, the dish turned out better (and looked a lot better, too).

Adobong Gulay (Veggie Adobo) #2

Putting the potatoes in before the eggplant made sure the potatoes were softer (but not too soft). Onions were also more visible this time (I’ll find a happy medium to Dan’s and my liking in re: to onions).

Potatoes with Afritude 2: Electric Boogaloo

As promised in my original post on this recipe, a second try on Potatoes with Afritude, with update…

This time, the usual suspects (redskin potatoes) were cut a little bit longer…

Red Potato Wedges (longer this time)

Here are the potatoes with the spices and oil mixed in… The curry powder produces both a wonderful yellow color on the potatoes and an equally nice scent.

Red Potato Wedges With Spices

The unfortunate thing about curry powder, though is it makes everything it touches yellow, and that tint doesn’t go away easily (I think there’s still a yellow curry powder mix spot on the counter).

…and the finished potatoes…ready for the potluck.

Potatoes With Afritude 2: Electric Boogaloo

This batch of Potatoes with Afritude was made for the same potluck party I made the Adobong Gulay. I’d say I’m almost there… I don’t remember if I actually mixed the spices and olive oil in separate batches like I said I would (since I was doing a lot of cooking…) , but this batch definitely had a better balance between potato and spice than the first try.